Our Supporters

Our Supporters

CalAPT Members, you’re invited to join the vCAT™ Partner Program, brought to you by Cognitive Leap. Developed with extensive research in collaboration with virtual reality expert Dr. Skip Rizzo, we present the “Virtual Classroom Attention Tracker” (vCAT™), which allows you to measure a child's ability to focus in a VR-simulated classroom environment.

How vCAT™ can benefit your practice: 

  • vCAT™ combines an engaging assessment with innovative VR technology in an ecologically relevant setting, making it a fun experience for children.

  • Objectively measures attention processes such as hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity.

  • Provides easy-to-read, objective performance metrics to evaluate a child's attention and behavior relative to peers of the same age.

See first-hand how our simulated VR environment, complete with distractions over a thirteen-minute session, objectively measures attention and impulsivity levels in children ages 6 to 13. Immediately after the test concludes, a comprehensive report is available, offering easy-to-understand insights for parents and adding validity to your professional understanding of your client's needs.

To delve into the scientific aspects of the vCAT assessment and explore how it can enhance your practice, we invite you to visit our website. Please contact Shari Marion to discuss partnership opportunities and how this collaboration can best serve the SoCal community with attention assessments. Click here to compose an emailTake advantage of the vCAT™ Partner Program with a free one-month trial today!

Learn more about VCAT Here